Yabatech Rector Commisssions Diagnostic Section

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Yabatech Rector Commisssions Diagnostic Section

The newly built Diagnostic Section of the Medical Centre of Yaba College of Technology (Yabatech) was commissioned by the Rector of the College, Engr. Obafemi Omokungbe to improve the quality of health service delivery to staff, students and the general public.

Speaking at the commissioning, the Rector noted that on assumption of office the Medical Center was one of the Units he visited, because adequate medical services for everyone particularly to students was a major concern, that needed priority attention with respect to improved medical services in the areas of drug supply, completion and equipping of the Diagnostic Section and provision of basic medical facilities to get the medical centre running, also required needed was the proper conclusion of arrangement to commence the T-ship programme.

He said, “The T-ship programme has fully commenced with 3 Health Management Office (HMOs) in place for the students. College also has a partnership arrangement with the Military Hospital, Yaba and the Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH). Supply of drugs have been regular thus, the days of no drug in the medical centre is now a thing of the past. Qualified and experienced staff has been recruited, though majorly are on part-time basis because due process is required for the full-time employment of personnel in line with the recruiting guideline of the Federal Government. A standby generator has been provided to ensure adequate power supply to the medical centre. The Diagnostic Section has been brought to a functional state with the provision of modern equipment and facilities.”

Omokungbe hinted that the Diagnostic sector is equipped to align with the new standard of the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS), it will improve the quality of health services to both staff and students including others users who may have chosen the College as their NHIS Hospital, if well managed, the Diagnostic section will be another source of Internally generated revenue which will sustain the medical centre vis-a-vis the College, and in the very near future the medical centre will be expanded to meet the needs of the environments and beyond.

“The centre is equipped with modern facilities such as Hematology Analyzer, Chemistry Analyzer, Chemistry Analyzer, Genotype Machine, X-Ray Machine with a bigger capacity to cope with students registration needs, Automatic Processor and Blood Mixer.”

Earlier on, the Medical Director, Dr. Tunde Nubi appreciated the Rector and thanked him for making the dream of Diagnostic section of the medical centre a reality, he stated that at the inception of Rector’s administration he made it clear that the health of the College community is going to be one of his topmost priority, and the new Diagnostic section is the confirmation of his word. However, in the area of drug supply we never had it so good; there has been a tremendous improvement in the supply of drug to the medical centre.

Nubi explained further that barely six months into Omokungbe’s administration, the staff strength of the medical centre has improved greatly; the centre now has 60 KVA Diesel Generator, he expressed his belief that in not too distant future that a new medical complex centre would be commissioned, he therefore pray for the Rector and the Management team that God in his infinite mercy will support and be with them to steer the ship of the College to the right direction.