Rector Holds Interactive Sessions With Full-time Students

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Rector Holds Interactive Sessions With Full-time Students

As part of his scheduled meeting with critical stakeholders in the College, the Rector, Dr. Engr. Ibraheem Adedotun Abdul recently met with representatives of Full-Time students in the College. The Rector who had earlier met with the Part-Time students disclosed that the interactive engagement was convened to have a face-to-face interaction between Management and the students.

“This interactive engagement which will subsequently hold twice every semester will be an avenue where we will hear from you and you also hear from us,” he said.

The Rector informed the students’ representative about the ERECT Agenda, a Policy initiated and conceived by his administration. He told 3the students that the Policy document encapsulated his mission and vision for the College. He said further that his administration will run an all-inclusive administration where students will be co-opted into committees constituted by the College.

The Rector added that among others, the College will partner with KPNG, to develop a whistle-blowing app and one other app that will enable students to get unhindered access to the Rector and other Management staff of the College.

“Our target is to be the first public institution in Nigeria to be ISO Certified,” he said.

The Rector concluded that despite the College being rated as the best polytechnic for the 6th time by Webometric, he was still not satisfied. In his words, 'We are not there yet.”

Other Principal Officers present at the interactive forum admonished the students to reflect goodness in all that they do and turn away from anything that would tarnish their image and that of the College.

During questions and answers, some of the student's questions centered on the following... poor state of the toilet in the College, students not being allowed to cook in the hostel, library facilities, poor water supply and poor lighting facilities, and security challenges.

In his response, the Rector apologized to the students for the scarcity of water experienced, especially in the female hostels. He noted that student welfare will be paramount and Management will continue to address them until they are solved.

He disclosed that the danger cooking in the hostel possesses was why students were barred from cooking in the hostel. "The Committee on food prices which has remained docile will be resuscitated to ensure that prices of foods are not only affordable, but the food being served to students are fit for human consumption,” he said.

He told the students that the main Library currently under rehabilitation will soon be completed and made available for their use.

As the time was fast spent, the Rector advised those whose questions were not taken to write them down on paper and forward them to the Registrar for compilation. He assured that all the questions will be attended to and acted upon accordingly.