Yabatech Rector Charges Statutory Committees On Consolidating And Shaping The College Future

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Yabatech Rector Charges Statutory Committees On Consolidating And Shaping The College Future

The Rector, Yaba College of Technology, Engr. Abdul Ibraheem has charged the reconstituted chairmen and members of the College thirty-five (35) statutory committees on the need to consolidate on the achievements of the dissolved committees and to shaped the future of the Premier institution as the cardinal focus of the present administration ERECT Agenda.

He gave the charge in his address delivered at the inauguration of the reconstituted committees of the college.

Engr. Abdul averred that the committees are functioning at par with the college top management for the progress, development, implementation of ideas, brighter future, collaboration, positive impact and team work in order to erect a good future for the college to attain the desired position of first and best Polytechnic in Africa.

e Management of Yaba College of Technology (YABATECH) recently inaugurated 31 vibrant committees for the anticipated growth of the institution.

The ceremony, he said, is a significant milestone in the life of the institution towards development and progress, while the committees will play a vital role in shaping the future of the College, and it will represent the diverse talents and expertise of individuals who are dedicated to serving and guiding the College towards prosperity.

The Rector explained that committees are integral part of any successful organization in that they served as the backbone of decision making, research and implementation of ideas, they provide a platform for collaboration and teamwork, helping to address challenges and capitalized on opportunities, and it is through the collective efforts of the committees that the institutions can achieve its ERECT Agenda and make positive impact.

According to him, “each committee has a specific purpose and responsibility, the management has carefully selected individuals who possessed the necessary knowledge, skills and passion to contribute effectively to the growth of the institution, and each committee has a crucial role to play in advancing YABATECH”.

Adding that ” inaugurating these committees symbolizes our commitment to inclusivity and participatory decision making by involving experts and individuals from various background. We ensure that diverse voices are heard, promoting a comprehensive and well-rounded approach to problem solving. The establishment of these committees emphasized our shared goal of working together towards a brighter future.”

“However, let us not forget that with great power comes great responsibility. The members of these committees must act with diligence, integrity, and dedication. They must remain vigilant and devoted to their respective duties, always putting the collection interest of our community above personal gain. Smooth communication, cooperation and transparency will be the key for the success of these committees which will enable us to achieve our desired outcomes.”

The Rector submitted that the newly inaugurated committees should remind themselves of the immense potential that lies within the College community, and each individual should bring their unique set of skills, experiences and perspectives to the table, and together they can harness the collective power to overcome challenges, seized opportunities to drive positive change.