Message from the Deputy Rector Admin

Deputy Rector Admin

Mr. U.I. Inyang-udoh
Deputy Rector Admin

The Deputy Rector (Administration) assists the Rector in the performance of administrative functions, to ensure a smooth running of administrative process, as well as matters bordering on financial, welfare, labour, conflict resolution etc. He shall also assist the Rector to review operational difficulties in the areas stated above, and proffer solutions to attendant problems. Among the functions of the office is to oversee the activities of the following service units: Works and Services, Students’ Affairs, Medical Services, Fire Prevention Services, Transport, Surveillance, SERVICOM, UNIVOC Continuing Professional Development Centre (CPDC) and Anti-Corruption and Transparency Monitoring (ACTU)
The Deputy Rector (Administration) is to also oversee/monitor the following areas of College administration, and report to Rector on same:

1.0 General Administration with respect to staff recruitment, discipline and monitoring the activities of administrative committees.

2.0 Financial Matters such as
Authorize expenditure within approved limit.

3.0 Resolve conflicts and complaints emanating from any College project

4.0 Maintenance of Structure and Equipment: The Deputy Rector Administration shall:

a. Monitor and ensure continuous implementation of standard maintenance schedules on all fixed or moveable facilities.

b. Oversee usage and maintenance of College vehicles.

c. Oversee maintenance of good aesthetic environment in the internal and external premises of the College.

5.0 Medical Services

Monitor medical services delivery to the College community

6.0 Security and Safety

a. Oversee the overall security arrangements in the College and the activities of fire prevention unit.
b. Responsible for issuance of gate pass for movement of equipment and materials from the College and monitoring the return of such equipment/materials.
7.0 Labour, Union and Staff Welfare Matters

a. Ensure maintenance of good rapport between management and the staff unions.

b. Ensure conflict resolution involving unions, staff and students.

8.0 Pensioners’ Matters

Monitor matters of protocol, liaison and request from pensioners’ associations.

9.0 Student Affairs

a. Supervise the administration of students’ affairs

b. Monitor the provision of basic and essential amenities to the students’ halls of residence.

10.0 Staff Secondary School and Nursery/Primary Schools

Monitor the activities of the Management Committee of the Secondary and Nursery/Primary Schools.

11.0 Any Other Duties the Rector may from time to time assign.