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The Management of Yaba College of Technology (YABATECH) led by the Rector, Dr. Engr. Ibraheem Adedotun Abdul has instituted into her teaching and learning processes Students Monthly Session with industry managers and a day with their chief executive officers.

The innovation is described by the Rector as a bridge builder between the town and gown, a linkage that would meet the needs of the industries and students inspirational career development device.

Engr Abdul said that the Students Monthly Session with the industry CEO and practitioner is one of the cardinal missions of the present administration as contained in its ERECT Agenda for consolidating and shaping the College future.

He declared that the institution is passionate about collaborations with the industry, as a result of immense benefits therein for both the College and the industry.

Dr. Abdul emphasized the need for collaboration between YABATECH and the industry during the courtesy visit of the Chartered Institute of Bankers of Nigeria (CIBN), Lagos State Branch, to the College.

He noted that it is very thoughtful of CIBN for taking the step of bridging the gap between the town and the gown, stating that most Industry had indicated interest for the same purpose in the past, but they did nothing to see that it comes into fulfilment.

He, however, applauded CIBN for taking the bold step with the encouraging visit on the need for collaboration adding that the visitors actually came to present to the College what the institution dearly needs.

“For YABATECH graduate to be fit for the industry,  necessary training by the industry is required, with the collaboration in place the institution will be able to produce top-notch graduates that will be the toast of the nation. We want to explore industries collaboration with all seriousness, and to set the ball rolling YABATECH has inaugurated Industry Advisory Committee (IAC) to take care of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) sector, and very soon the advisory committee that will take care of the business and management sector including banking will soon be set up”.

Earlier, in his address the CIBN, Lagos Branch Chairman, Mr. Adeoye Adeyemo declared that to strengthening the relationship between the two parties, Yabatech needs to explore opportunities for strategic cooperation and progressive partnership over a broad range of activities, build synergies across numerous frontiers that can  strengthen the relationship.

He said CIBN is making efforts towards organising a social gathering events for students within Lagos State to enable the body attract the Gen Z, Zoomers, iGeneration, Centennial, Millennials and post-millennials into its programmes and factor their valuable perspectives into the body’s activities.

While building a pipeline of leadership, Adeoye disclosed that targets are universities, Polytechnics, colleges of education and other academic institutions

According to him, “practical mentorship  and learning sessions in tertiary institutions that will foster stronger “Town and Gown" linkages, equip students with real world, experience sharing sessions with practicing professionals that help the students prepare for life after school and future in the industry are being championed by the CIBN”.