Internal Quality Assurance

 Internal Quality Assurance

Internal Quality Assurance

  • Updated : Nov 27, 2020 11:55 am

On behalf of the Rector, College Management Team, Staff and Students of the College, I heartily WELCOME you to the INTERNAL QUALITY ASSURANCE UNIT (IQA) Yaba College of Technology. The “Home of Quality” and Continuous Improvement”

The Unit was created to ensure that the quality of education provided by the College is the best standard available the world over. We hope that all students who pass through the College will take advantage of the guidelines and standards provided by the Internal Quality Assurance Unit to achieve their dreams while here.

As we say, welcome to “Yaba The Great”, the first, and still the best.


Continuous improvement…………”


The Internal Quality Assurance Unit of Yaba College of Technology was established in July, 2009 as a policy response to the Federal Ministry of Education’s directive to all Higher Institutions in Nigeria to establish Quality Assurance Units to ensure Institutional Effectiveness. The overall aim is to inculcate the culture of best practices in service delivery. Yaba College of Technology is the first government institution to establish the Internal Quality Assurance Unit in the country.

The Unit’s Terms of Reference are to:

  • Draw up guidelines for the College for the achievement and maintenance of appropriate Academic standards for the attainment of its vision/mission statement.

  • Provide linkage between stakeholders, students, industries and the College.

  • Ensure the sustenance of quality assurance standards and

  • Ensure that Collage policies are in agreement with globally accepted quality assurance standards.

The Unit is headed by a Director – Mrs Aninoritse Anyafulu who assumed duties in December, 2018 and ten (10) Coordinators drawn from different Schools in the College. The underlisted are past Directors of the Unit:

  1. Dr. A.M. Olaseni - Pioneer Director - July 2009 – September 2010

  2. Mrs E.O. Bikomo from September 2010 – January 2015

  3. Dr. K.D. Aledare January 2015 – April 2018

  4. Dr. T A. Ukabam from April 2018 – December 2018


The Unit is structured along two major departments to ensure the smooth operations and to enforce standards required. They are:

  1. Standards Compliance and Enforcement Department and

  2. Staff/Students Evaluation and Development Department


The duties of this section include but not limited to the following:

  • To ensure that all Departments adhere to NBTE and other bodies standards.

  • To ensure that staff/students ratio as spelt out by international, regional and local standards are complied with by the College.

  • To conduct investigation on wide range of issues relating to compliance.

  • To organize workshops and seminars for staff and students on Internal Quality Assurance culture.

  • To assess feedback and graduate-employer relationship in order to confirm whether the curriculum meets employers needs.

  • To monitor the implementation of approved College Academic Calendar.

  • To monitor examinations within the College.

  • To carry out any other duties assigned by the Director.


The duties of this department include but not limited to the following:

  • To organize excellence award programmes for both staff and students.

  • To carry out studies on lecturers performance concerning lecture delivery from time to time.

  • To sensitize staff on development programmes.

  • To sensitize students towards professional affiliation and development.

  • To ensure attendance at lectures by students/staff.

  • To carry out any other duties assigned by the Director.

Other general functions of the Unit include.

  • Maintaining and improving the effectiveness of the institutions’ own quality assurance processes.

  • Programme approval, monitoring and review.

  • Academic appeals and student complaints on academic matters.

  • Making sure that appropriate and effective teaching, support, assessment and learning opportunities are provided.

  • Encouraging and fostering best practices in the institution.

  • Serve as facilitator during NBTE quality assurance monitoring visit.

  • Compile reports on quality assurance issues reported by Schools.

The Internal Quality Assurance Unit of the College, though still very young is dedicated to ensuring and enforcing standards in the College, being focused on its slogan ‘…continuous improvement’.

Thank you


Director (IQA)