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The Yaba College of Technology UNEVOC Center for Research and Sustainable Development was established in 1995 but got reactivated in 2013 by a former Rector, Dr. (Mrs.) Margaret K. Ladipo.

UNEVOC Centers were established in TVET (technical and vocational education and training) institutions in UNESCO member states and serve as focal points in the provision of services for international and regional cooperation.



• Yaba College of Technology, UNEVOC Center for Research and Sustainable Development, Yaba (Training Center)

• Centre for Technical Vocational Education Training and Research, University of Nigeria, Nsukka (Uni/Research)

• National Board for Technical Education, Center of Excellence in TVET, Kaduna (Regional Cluster Center).

 The UNESCO-UNEVOC International Center is the hub of the UNEVOC Network which is composed of 290 other UNEVOC Centers worldwide. Nigeria is in the West African Coordinating Cluster. Mission Our Center's Mission is to strengthen and upgrade TVET systems, promote skills development and facilitate capacity building of TVET personnel through partnership, information sharing and networking with other TVET institutions worldwide and other relevant agencies.


Ø Public private partnership to increase employability of the graduates.

 Ø Annual World Youth Skills Day (WYSD) commemoration in the College.

 Ø Research and Educational Visits e.g. Annual Visit to Songhai Farm, Port-Novo .

Ø Training of TVET personnel (both within and outside the College).

 Ø Implement TVET skills acquisition programme for the College students.

 Ø Collaborative skill development projects with other schools and units of the College.

 Ø Participation and Contribution to ongoing discussion on the UNEVOC e-forum .

Ø Hosting of workshops and conferences on TVET development .

Ø Research and training workshops.

Ø Organic and sustainable agriculture leading to self-employment.

 Ø Vocational and technical skills acquisition for College students.

 Ø Entrepreneurship development for students.

 Ø Intensive and hands-on ICTs integration in teaching and learning.

 Ø Information sharing and advocacy with other technical and vocational institutions in Nigeria Partnerships.


 Our partnership vision includes:

 Ø Innovative practices to promote TVET in the nation .

Ø Information sharing of experiences and knowledge in TVET implementation.

 Ø Collaborative projects that promote skills and upgrade the vision of TVET in the country.

 Ø Public Private Partnership with industries and agencies.

Ø Mutually beneficial exchange programmes.

Ø Initiation and execution of new projects and skills acquisition programmes

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