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The Registry is the administrative arm of the College and it is headed by the Registrar who is responsible to the Rector for the day to day administration of the Polytechnic, hence the unit is as old as the College. However, there was no substantive Registrar for the College until 1970.

In July 1964, the Staff and Establishment Committee recommended the creation of the post of Registrar aiming at easing the burden of routine administrative work off the shoulder of the principal.

However, despite the approval of this recommendation, no substantive Registrar was appointed; lecturers continued to be appointed to this post.

In May 1969, the then Principal, Mr. V. W. Clark reported on the inability of the College to keep students records and that the conduct and control of Examination was close to breaking point because of absence of a Registrar.
By the Yaba College of Technology Decree promulgated of in July, 1969 the College became an autonomous body. The decree came into force on 1st April, 1970, and was significant in several ways. A Governing Council was constituted for the College in place of the Advisory Board. The council was to determine areas of priority in the disbursement of the subvention from the Government as well as giving guidance in the running of the Institution.

The Academic Board was established to be saddled with the responsibility of planning and conduct of academic programmes in the College. The decree also specifically stipulated the role of the Registrar as the secretary to the Governing Council, the Academic Board and other statutory committees. The 1969 decree was therefore significant in the evolution of the Registry in the College.

The first substantive Registrar was appointed by the Governing Council in July, 1970, he was Mr. T. O. Shotunde. He was a seasoned administrator of several year of experience in institutional administration. Dr. E. A. Akinleye was also appointed as the first indigenous Principal of the institution.


1970 - 1975 - Mr. T. O. Sotunde
1975 - 1985 - Dr. S. O. Adeyeye
1985 - 1986 - Mrs. A. F. Odepitan (Acting)
1986 - 1992 - Alhaji M. J. Idris (Acting)
1992 - 2007 - Mrs. F. F. Taiwo
2007 - 2017 - Ms. Biekoroma C. Amapakabo
2018 till date- Dr. Sikiru Momodu


At this point in time, the following Departments exist in the College Registry.
1. Registrar’s Office
2. Senior Staff Personnel
3. Junior Staff Personnel
4. General Administration and Council Affairs
5. Academic Board and Exams Matters
6. Admissions and Records
7. Staff Development and Training
8. Students Welfares
9. Pensions
10. Alumni


The unit of the College has a vision of a Registry where:
1. All staff will have conducive office space and men and files will not struggle for space.
2. Back up files will be well arranged or put on microfilm for easy retrieval in open and confidential Registries.
3. All senior staff will have computers on their desks networked for easy retrieval of information from all Departments and offices in the College and internationally.
4. All students and staff records will be computerized
5. Where students can register and obtain examination results on line promptly.
Set targets will be met and there will be room for continuous development of staff and the College.
6. Only men and women of integrity will have a place.
7. There will be a crop of highly motivated, well trained professional staff of international standard working in conducive offices with state of the art equipment and adequate working materials.


1.The mission statement of the Registry is to provide purposeful, prompt
2.The mission statement of the Registry is to provide purposeful, prompt, quantitative and effective administrative support to the College in the realization of its overall objective.