• Updated : Mar 10, 2019 11:42 pm

The Bursary unit is the financial arm of the college as it deals with all financial transaction and obligations of the college. It is headed by an experienced professional accountant, appointed by the Governing Council in compliance with the statute establishing the College.

The history of the unit dates back to that of the College, since finances and its administration is pertinent to the day to day running and growth of the College.
The unit has over 60 percent ICAN Certified professionals, The entire members of staff are being encouraged to undertake the professional training which has resulted in a significant increase in the number of professionals, year in year out. This has contributed positively to the output of the unit over the years.

1. Akeju J.B 1995 to 2005
2. Oyerinde C.A 2005 to 2007
3. Akeju J.B Feb. 2007 to June 2007
4. Onitilo Francis July 2007 to July 2008
5. Kayode F.A. July 2008 to Dec. 2008
6. Olu Ibirogba Dec 2008 to 2016
7. Omolabi P.O 2016- 2017
8. Olabode K.C 2017-2019
9. Abdulwaheed Adekunle Y. 2019 till date


Departments in Bursary Unit
1. Bursars office
2. Final account
3. Budget and Expenditure control
4. Treasury
5. Student Account
6. Special Account
7. Staff Account
8. Pension
9. Stores

Main Functions of The Bursary Unit
1. Income generation for the sustenance and development of the college
2. Payments/settlement of the college.
3. Keeping of accounts and accounting record including those of staff and students
4. Banking and handling of banking related transactions
5. Staff personal emoluments including the management of loans and advances to staff
6. The management of cash, stock and stores in the college
7. Attending to information needs of various supervisory agencies such as National Auditor General of the Federation, Ministries of Education and Finance and the National Assembly.
8. Advising and representing the college in financial negotiations with outside bodies.

Relationship of the bursary with department of the institution.
The unit maintains good working relationship with other units of the college in order to ensure smooth running of the college.
The bursary ensures that all financial needs of every unit/department are attended to promptly as soon as approval is sought and obtained from the college authorities. It also renders financial advisory services to management and other units/department.