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Mechanical Engineering was one of the Technical courses that took off with the establishment of the College as far back as 1947.  The courses then were meant to give training to Engineering assistants for government and private concerns.  In 1959 the Department of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering then a single Department presented candidates for City and Guilds London Institute for Technician Diplomas.  From 1970, the College placed emphasis on its own Diploma and thereafter, the city and Guilds and other external examinations became optional.  In 1970, the Department of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering, hitherto combined, was split into two, namely:


  1. The Department of Electrical Engineering.
  2. The Department of Production Engineering.


These were carved out of the growing technological needs of Nigeria.  Six years later, the National Board for Technical Education (NBTE) advised against the separation of Production Engineering from Mechanical and the two units were  merged in January 1988.


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