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The Industrial Design Department was established in 1981 and has three sections namely; Fashion Design, Textile Design, and Ceramics. The Department was created with the primary aim of satisfying and meeting the varied demands of individuals and the industries for design and designers.


The fashion design subjects were introduced in 1965 by the late Eve de Negri. The programme started as a three year certificate course but was eventually phased out. The ND programme in Fashion Design started in the 1980/81 session and the HND Fashion Design started in 1982/83 session. The fashion section also ran a day release course in Dressmaking for persons involved in the garment and related industries, which has since become a full certificate course in Dressmaking. The section has seven lecturers and one non academic staff.


The Textile section was established in 1976 to prepare students for the award of HND in Textile Design. Prior to this, design for textile was taught as part of the General Art courses that leads to the award of ND in Textile Design. The section produces fabric designers for textile industries and also for self employment. For this purpose students are trained in courses based on Art, Design, Textile science and Technology among others.


The Ceramics section was first established in 1962 and students were admitted for the ND programme. Before this development Ceramics was taught as one of the courses for the preparation of students for ND in General Art. The section was closed down in 1964 for lack of staff, but was reopened in1969. Courses leading to HND in ceramics started in 1986 and were terminated in 1988, since they were not accredited by the NBTE.


The section has a large studio and kiln room, and has six well qualified and efficient staff. Altogether, the department of industrial design has a team of qualified, efficient, and experienced staff.

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