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The philosophy of Home Economics Education Programme is consistent with the Nigeria’s philosophy of Education which is basically to develop the Nigerian child into an all-round effective citizen who is able to integrate into the multi-ethnic community.  The importance of Technology Education has been recognized by the present State and Federal Governments in Nigeria.  Philosophically, Home Economics Education in particular, and Technology Education in general, achieves economic aims because investments in Vocational Programmes provide individuals with employable skills as well as provide the economy with productive citizens.  Sociologically, Technology Education with Home Economics Education as an integral part, is important because individuals who have saleable skills become useful citizens of their communities.




The main objective is to train Home Economics teachers who are academically and professionally competent to impart technical knowledge and vocational skills to their students at all levels of the educational system.


  1. Prepare competent teachers for teaching and leadership position in secondary schools, Technical Colleges and other institutions
  2. Prepare individuals that can take up careers in relevant industries
  3. Equip individuals with saleable skills in Home Economics for self-reliance.

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